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Thomas Wolfe (1900–1938), U.S. author. The Web and the Rock, ch. 28 (1939).

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Kuey Teow + Maggi Goreng

Wargh, working day again. After having a long (a week) CNY holiday, today i'm back to work. Malas bangat....but what to do, tugas tetap tugas.
My husband left for banting quite late today, 8am. Usually he left at 6am. So for breakfast, i prepared Kuey Teow + Maggi goreng. Actually my husband just wanted to have maggi goreng but i only have a packet of it. I planned to make kuey teow but alas, there's only 1/2 packet. So not enough. So, i combined maggi & kuey teow. Actually i followed my husband's recipe. Last week he had tongue ulcer, so he can't eat salty or spicy food. He can't even eat hard food. So for a couple days he only ate fried maggi. Once i suggested to him to add kuey teow to increase the quantity.

Kuey Teow + Maggi Goreng

1 paket maggi goreng mee Sedap
1/2 paket kuey teow
1 paket Fish ball - potong kecil & digoreng dahulu
Sayur sawi - dipotong
Kicap lemak manis
2 biji cili merah - dipotong serong

1. Masukkan air secukupnya ke dalam kuali.
2. Masukkan maggi ke dalam air tersebut. Tidak perlu tunggu hingga air mendidih.
3. Kacau maggi hingga lembut. Masukkan semua bahan perencah & kacau hingga rata.
4. Masukkan sayuran, cili merah & fish ball.
5. Bila air hampir kering, masukkan kuey teow. Kacau.
6. Akhir sekali masukkan kicap secukupnya. Kacau rata.
7. Sedia untuk dihidangkan.
* Tidak perlu dimasukkan garam sbb bahan perencah maggi sudah memadai. Cuma tambahkan kicap lemak manis.

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