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Thomas Wolfe (1900–1938), U.S. author. The Web and the Rock, ch. 28 (1939).

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Friday, August 8, 2008


Today,once again we went for last minute shopping.Tomorrow we're going back to our home town.So today we have to use the time we have wisely to buy all the things we should buy for our wedding.Next month is fasting month,too tired to go shopping. So,by hook or by crook,we have to finish our shopping within this month.If possible,we have to buy 'brg hantaran' b4 'balik kg' so that we can take them along tomorrow.
After tired of shopping,we took a rest at secret recipe.It was my favorite place to have cakes.Today my fiance treated me like a princess.He paid for all the things i want.He even asked me to eat at secret recipe.Usually i just 'bungkus' the cake.This time he asked me to eat in.As usual,i asked for Chocolate Indulgence.I can't resist it.It was so delicious, so yummy....
So today i tried to collect all the cake recipes ala-ala chocolate indulgence.Who knows may be one day i can make my own indulgence & i don't have to 'visit' secret recipe to have it.

Death by chocolate cake (kek coklat)

Bahan-bahan ( loyang 9" )
2 cwn gula (kisar)
2 cwn tepung (ayak)
3 biji telur grade A
1 cwn koko powder
1 cwn susu cair
1 cwn minyak(sy gune butter cair)
1 cwn air panas didih
1 tsp soda bikarbonat
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp esen vanila

**utk ganache**
2 cwn whipping cream
500g cooking chocolate
1/8 cwn golden syrup

##utk whipped cream
1 cwn non dairy whipping cream

1. tepung +koko powder+soda bikarbonat+baking powder di ayak bersama
2. pukul gula dan telur sampai kembang, tambahkan esen vanila
3. masukkan susu dan minyak/butter cair dlm adunan,kacau sebati
4. masukkan bahan2 yg diayak (cara 1) kedalam adunan. gaul dgn cara kaup balik
last skali masukkan air panas..kacau sebati
5. bakar selama 45 minit pd suhu 175-180degree. bule juga kukus slame lebih kurang 1 jam

**utk ganache**
1. dlm mangkuk kecil, didihkan whipping cream
2. bila dah didih,padam api...dan masukkan cooking choc. kacau sebati
3. tambahkan golden syrup
4. ambil 1 cwn ganache..bakinya simpan dlm peti sjuk

##utk whipped cream..
1. pukul 1 cwn whipping cream sampai muncul soft peak, kemudian tuangkan 1 cwn choc ganache yg di ambil dr langkah sblum ini. kacau sebati
2. kek yg dah siap..di potong tgh2. sapukan dgn whipped cream dari step di atas.kemudian lapiskan dgn kek yg separuh lg..sapu hingga menutupi keseluruhan kek.kemudian..simpan dlm peti sejuk lebih kurang 30 minit
3. ambil kek yg dh disapu whipped cream td,sapukan pula dgn ganache yg kita dh simpan dlm peti(rujuk step 11).simpan semula dlm peti lebih kurang 30 minit

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