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Friday, May 30, 2008

My First Pudding

Today it's all about .I love corn.My fiance loves corn.& i've a best memory about corn.Since i was small,my mom never make any pudding.But sometimes she make jelly,especially coconut milk jelly.I even don't know how to make pudding & no one ever taught he how.Then,when i was in form 5,i was chosen as one of my school representatives for 'puteri islam' anual camp.One of the thing that we are to be evaluated was cooking.& i was responsible to prepare corn pudding.I've no idea how to make it.Luckily my 'sains rumahtangga' teacher taught me how to make it but in a hurry bcoz' at the same time i've other classes.I only saw her make it & help her to stir it.On the night b4 we went to the camp,our adviser teacher gave me the recipe & the ready-measured ingrediants.On the evaluation day,i was so nervous as it was my first time making pudding & luckily it turned very well.I was really impressed with myself.& from that day,i know how to make corn pudding even though it not that tasty,i guess.
So today i'm thinking of making the pudding & tried to refresh my memory of how to make my first known pudding.


Ingrediants :
1 can sweet corn
1 can custard flour
1 can sugar
5 can coconut milk

Method :
Combine all ingredient in a pot and cook until creamy..

*use the same corn can to measure the other ingredient


Bahan Puding
1 cawan susu cair
1 cawan jagung cream
1 cawan gula
1 cawan tepung kastad
1 cawan tepung jagung
5 cawan air

Bahan Agar
1 kotak agar2 Lady's Choice perisa Rasberi/Srawberry
buah2 koktel dalam tin

1. Masukkan semua bahan puding dan kacau dalam kuali diaats api sehingga nampak masak.
2. Masukkan dalam cawan berkaki atau acuan puding kaca.
3. Masakkan adunan agar2 mengikut arahan di kotak dan tuangkan atas puding.
4. Masukkan buah2 koktel dalam tin dan sejukkan.
5. Hidangkan sejuk.


15 gm. Konnyaku Jelly
750 ml. air
200 ml. santan
150 gm. gula castor
1 tin cream style sweet corn

Cara penyediaan:
(1) Didihkan air.
(2) Masukkan gula dan jelly ke dalam mangkuk dan gaul rata.
(3) Bila air hampir mendidih, masukkan (2) dan kacau hingga gula hancur.
(4) Masukkan santan dan jagung tin dan kacau hingga sebati.
(5) Tuangkan ke dalam acuan dan sejukkan sebelum dihidangkan.
(6) Chill before serving.


1 tin jagung jenis creamy
1 tin susu cair - prefer susu IDEAL(nak wat susu lain pun boleh...tapi jenama ni cam wangi jer puding tu)
3 cawan air
1 1/2 cawan gula pasir
1 1/2 cawan tepung kastad

Cara :-
1. Bancuh semua adunan dulu, sebatikan semua lam periuk.
2. Masak puding dengan menggunakan api yang kecil...hinggalah masak dan kental.
3. Siap untuk masukkan lam talam.
4. Sejukkan lam peti sejuk

1 comment:

lynn said...

knape bila dh masak tp puding still ader rasa tepung..ader yg terlebih ke???

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